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Stellar Books: Space and Astronomy Book Recommendations for Children

Introducing children to the wonders of space and astronomy at an early age can spark their curiosity and ignite a lifelong love for science. Whether they dream of becoming astronauts or simply enjoy stargazing, books offer a captivating way to engage young minds and deepen their understanding of the universe. In this post, we present a selection of space and astronomy-related books that are perfect for preschool and elementary school kids. From enchanting stories to informative non-fiction, from inspiring biographies to books explaining the universe, these books will transport young readers on an interstellar journey.

Beautiful, funny, and thought-provoking space related books for children:

We love Oliver Jeffers, so we start off the list with his books! He takes us to space in these two books:

When a boy's plane gets stranded on the moon, he encounters a Martian who is in need of help. Together, they find a way to solve their problems and make their way back home.

Follow the journey of a boy who dreams of catching a star. With imaginative illustrations and a heartwarming story, this book celebrates the power of determination and wonder.

This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a young boy who loves space but is afraid of the dark. With courage and imagination, he discovers the beauty of the universe. This inspiring picture book is written by real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield.

An incredible feat of human intelligence, perseverance and courage - in 1969, Man set his foot on the Moon! This book, translated from French, tells the story of this momentous event through the eyes of a child.

Combining clever rhymes and playful illustrations, this book introduces children to astrophysics concepts such as black holes, galaxies, and more.

Free Kindle Edition (With Kindle Unlimited, at the time of writing this post)

Join Sadie Sprocket on an interstellar adventure in this captivating story! With a dream to go to Mars, Sadie assembles her crew of trusty stuffed animals and builds a rocket. Together, they embark on a historic journey. What awaits them on Mars? Will they return safely? This cheery and rhyming picture book inspires young readers to dream big and reach for the stars, with fascinating facts about Mars and women in space. Let your imagination soar with Sadie Sprocket!

Pluto's world is turned upside down when he's ousted from the "famous nine." Stripped of his planet status, he embarks on a journey to find where he truly belongs. From comets to meteoroids, Pluto searches for acceptance but feels out of place. Just when he's ready to give up, he meets a dwarf planet and discovers his rightful spot in the solar system. This heartwarming picture book blends science with important lessons of self-discovery, acceptance, and friendship. Bonus material in the back supports curriculum learning. Join Pluto on his uplifting quest!

This is the heartwarming tale of Mousetronaut, a small but hardworking mouse with big dreams of space travel. Written by Commander Mark Kelly, this #1 New York Times bestseller celebrates the power of the small. Join Mousetronaut on an adventure filled with perseverance, courage, and the realization that size doesn't determine success. With vibrant illustrations by C. F. Payne, this picture book inspires young readers with the values of hard work and problem-solving.

Some wonderful stories of women astronauts!

Based on the true story of Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman astronaut, this book encourages young readers to dream big and reach for the stars.

Meet Kalpana Chawla, a girl with a sky-high dream, as you follow her inspiring journey filled with determination, courage, and a deep fascination for our planet and the vast galaxies beyond. May her story ignite your own vision and perseverance towards success.

Inspired by the life of Sunita Williams, this story ignites the imagination as little Suni wonders how Neil Armstrong reached the Moon. Blown away by the truth of a giant space shuttle, Suni's dream of becoming an astronaut takes flight. Illustrated by Aniruddha Mukherjee and beautifully told by Arthy Muthanna Singh and Mamta Nainy, this moving tale brings to life the journey of Sunita Williams, who reached for the stars and the moon a record-breaking seven times, inspiring dreams for girls everywhere.

Take a trip to Moon, Mars and beyond:

Packed with fascinating facts and whimsical illustrations, this book takes readers on an imaginary trip to the moon, providing a sense of what it would be like to explore space.

Prepare for an exciting journey into the world of rockets with "Roaring Rockets"! Join the animal crew as they transform into astronauts and embark on a mission to the Moon. Packed with captivating details like spacesuits, lunar landers, and more, this book is a must-read for machine-loving kids. Blast off into space with this rhyming picture book that introduces young readers to rockets, astronauts, and the excitement of space exploration.

Join Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat on a journey through our solar system as you explore planets, moons, and more in this fun and educational book. These lively books blend rhymes and illustrations to introduce young readers (ages 4-7) to nature and science in an engaging way, building a foundation for future learning. Get ready for a Seussian adventure!

Explore the captivating journey of NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity, in the stylishly illustrated non-fiction book that delves into the search for life on Mars. Experience the red planet through Curiosity's unique perspective as it travels 350,000,000 miles to uncover the mysteries of an uncharted world. With Markus Motum's stunning illustrations and informative diagrams, this book takes readers on an extraordinary interplanetary adventure.

Discover your place in the Milky Way with this bestselling children's book. Join a young astronaut on a captivating journey through our solar system, from Earth to the stars. With clear language, engaging illustrations, and helpful diagrams, children explore space and learn about the planets. Filled with colorful details and a glossary for new words, this book introduces young astronomers to the wonders of the universe.

Biographies of Famous Astronauts:

From Neil Armstrong's childhood on a farm to becoming the first person on the moon, this book highlights the small steps and failures that led to his historic achievement. Inspire young readers to live heroically with lively storytelling and captivating photos.

Discover the inspiring journey of Neil deGrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist who sparked a generation's love for space. From his starstruck visit to the Hayden Planetarium to becoming its director, this picture-book biography follows his quest for knowledge. Perfect for young readers, aspiring scientists, and anyone captivated by the cosmos, it will ignite a sense of wonder and inspire dreams to reach for the stars.

And while we are at it, let us ponder on what do Astronauts actually do?

Embark on a captivating journey into the life of an astronaut with this delightful picture book. Join astronauts Jenny, Chen, and Kim as they experience the everyday and extraordinary events on a space station. Discover the excitement and challenges of their important mission, with the crew ready to assist. But what's wrong with Robo-bot? This fun and fascinating guide offers a glimpse into the thrilling and unusual profession of being an astronaut.

Delve into the mysteries of the universe!

From the birth of stars to the enigmatic nature of black holes, this beautifully illustrated book covers the Sun, our solar system, distant galaxies, observatories, and exciting discoveries made by space probes. Packed with amazing facts, this award-winning title from the DKfindout! series is expertly written and educational.

Discover the amazing work of the Sun in this engaging picture book! With humor and facts, readers will learn how the Sun keeps our solar system in order, provides day and night, and keeps us warm. It's a big deal because we wouldn't be alive without it! Bite-sized text, comic-style art, and sidebars make learning fun. Explore topics like the solar system, solar eclipse, seasons, water cycle, photosynthesis, and myths about the Sun. Plus, enjoy a pull-out solar system poster! Let's give the Sun the attention it deserves as our very own star.

Discover the captivating science behind the Big Bang theory and the beginning of the universe in this lively picture book. Through vibrant illustrations and simple verse, readers learn that we are all connected to the stars and the universe itself. Every part of us was created billions of years ago from the same cosmic matter. With informative prose and stunning artwork, this book illuminates the cosmic ties that bind us to the origins of the universe.

A superb book, filled with amazing pictures of space and astronomy, with information and questions on every page. Great book to create or prepare for quizzes! The book has answers to more than 200 questions that include:

Why is there life on Earth? Why is Jupiter striped? What are Saturn’s rings made of? How hot is the Sun? What would happen if a meteor hit the Earth? Why do comets have tails?

Definitely a book to have in every child's encyclopedia collection.

Do you have a space book your child loves but we have not mentioned? Let us know on our Facebook Group!

We hope that these books will help your child to discover the awesomeness of the universe we live in, inspire their curiosity about space, and encourage them to dream big.


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