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Welcome to Playful Home Education! 

Every activity that you do with your child with attentive engagement leads to strengthening of many kids of skills in them - Language, Numeracy, Social-Emotional skills, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Logical Awareness, Spatial Awareness, Environmental Awareness, General Knowledge, Visual Skills, Creative Skills, Spiritual – Moral Skills and Scientific. 


Worksheets are just one component which can help your child practice a few skills. However, children learn fastest and deepest from exploration, asking questions and interactive experiences. You will find here the ideas that we have used, developed or created in our own journeys with our children in teaching them, through play. 


Fun things to do with your child that will increase their knowledge, skills and creativity. Tips for you to teach small kids at home, to enhance their skills, to inculcate reading habits and more. We also share with you curated ideas and resources from the net. 

Know more about how to plan play based activities with your child here. 

Choose a category and click on the image to visit that page. 

NOTE: To know how to download Free Festival Worksheets and other thematic worksheets, click below. 


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