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Rules for Guest Post Pitches

These are our guidelines for guest posts (with backlinks) that we follow to maintain the quality and integrity of our platform. 
Guest Post Form Link
If you email us, use the subject: 'Guest Post Collaboration' 

Pitch Submission Guidelines:

To ensure a personalized and meaningful collaboration, we request contributors to submit a well-crafted pitch. Here's a guide on how to send an effective pitch:

  1. Personalization:

    • Begin your pitch by expressing genuine interest in our content. Instead of a vague and generic email, show us that you've explored our site and know what it is about. 

  2. Introduction:

    • Introduce yourself briefly, highlighting your role, credentials, and background. If you are an SEO professional, site owner, or content creator, write briefly about your experience in the field. Give us your LinkedIn Profile link. 

  3. Awareness of Our Values:

    • Demonstrate understanding of our site's focus on play-based learning for preschool kids and their parents. Explain how your proposed content aligns with our mission.

  4. Link Intent:

    • Clearly state the purpose of the backlinks you intend to include in your guest post. We are more likely to accept your offer if they add value to our readers rather than solely serving promotional purposes.

  5. Business Relevance:

    • If your pitch involves linking to a business, ensure it aligns with our ethical standards. We do not entertain links related to gambling, recreational drugs, or any content inconsistent with our values. We can only allow links to business related to education and parenting. 

  6. Pitch Substance:

    • Provide a brief summary of your proposed article topic. Bonus would be to include key takeaways and how it contributes to our audience's understanding of play-based learning.

  7. Previous Work Mention:

    • Share relevant samples of your previous work in the education or parenting niche. This helps us gauge your writing style and expertise.

  8. Unique Contribution:

    • Highlight what makes your content unique and why it would be valuable to our audience. Avoid duplicating topics already covered on our site.

  9. Collaboration Intent:

    • Clearly state your intention to collaborate and why you believe your content would be a positive addition to our platform.

  10. Avoid Generic Language:

    • We discourage the use of generic, mass-email language. Craft a pitch specifically for our platform, showcasing your dedication and effort.

Content Guidelines:
  1. Relevance:

    • All submissions must align with our site's theme of play-based learning for preschool kids and their parents.

  2. Quality Standards:

    • We expect well-researched, informative, and engaging content. Articles should provide valuable insights and information.

  3. Originality:

    • Submissions must be original and not published elsewhere. We value unique perspectives and fresh content.

  4. Link Policies:

    • Each article may include 1-2 backlinks, provided they are relevant and add value to the reader's experience. If the article content is not related to the site requiring backlink, the backlink will be presented with the author bio. 

  5. Length and Format:

    • Articles should be of sufficient length to cover the topic adequately. Use of images, subheadings, and a reader-friendly format is encouraged.

  6. No Duplicate Topics:

    • Contributors should propose topics that are unique and not covered extensively on our site.

    • We're particularly interested in articles about:

      • Teaching art, logic, general awareness, coding, language concepts, and numeracy using fun, play-based methods.

      • Educating neuroatypical children or children with learning/reading/writing/physical difficulties.

      • Celebrating regional festivals at home using play-based techniques for holistic learning.

      • Creating innovative arts and crafts projects.

      • Designing DIY strategies, worksheets, and plays for education.

      • Curating resources for children with disabilities.

      • Teaching children in English, Hindi, or any regional language.



Send us your story along with the following note: “I, (Your Name), confirm this article is originally written by me. I grant Playful Home Education permission to edit and publish the article on their platforms. I agree not to republish the article elsewhere and transfer the copyright to Playful Home Education.

  • Provide your full name, the name to be published, phone number, email address, city, and business.

  • Include a short bio and the links.

  • Cite any ideas and content that are not your own.


Post-Submission Process

If your article interests us, we'll get back to you within a week. However, our response doesn’t guarantee publication. We may request more information or revisions. 

Please note:

Any promotional content and the backlinks will be scrutinized before acceptance, and we reserve the right to reject such articles that we do not deem aligned with our business. Also, any copyright violation will be dealt with seriously. We adhere strictly to our editorial guidelines and reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity, grammar and for adapting it to our site's style.

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