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“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn. ”

~ O. Fred Donaldson

Learning is neither an artificial phenomenon that we must create, nor a nutritious food to be given the child to ingest or imbibe. Learning is as natural as growth. A child is hardwired by nature to learn new things. Children explore the world through play. As Maria Montessori had said, “The work of education is divided between the teacher and the environment.” In playful exploration of the world, children learn the world.


We come from a family of teachers and are passionate about the education system. Childhood learning in India seems to have taken the fun out of learning to make learning seem like WORK to kids. Nothing can be further from truth! Learning is fun, exciting and stimulating.


We have strived in our own lives as students and later, as parents, to keep the fun alive in learning. And we believe that if we change this culture of boring, dogmatic and rigid methods of teaching small kids, then less children will be burnt out when they reach high school or college.


Children have different personalities, aptitudes, likes and dislikes; the same strategies will not work for thirty children uniformly. We need more playfulness, exploration and flexibility in teaching strategies. If we manage to keep the joy of learning alive in our children, then it is far less struggle to teach them.


What started as my beautiful journey of motherhood evolved into a platform for sharing my experiences and insights about using play based learning for my child. I loved playing, dressing up and having fun as a child. I played the most, indoors and outdoors among all the neighborhood children, but didn't falter academically for all my play, because I loved learning as well.


I have been strongly influenced by the wonderful play based activities and interesting teaching strategies that I myself had been exposed to in my childhood from my elder sister who was nothing less than a parent to me. She homeschooled her child till 7 years of age, and her child is an enthusiastic, joyful learner. We are starting this initiative as a way to give shape to our passion and ideas about childhood learning. 

I am grateful to the parents who have used and appreciated our hindi varnamala worksheets, kindergarten printable freebies, and our exclusive use-as-you-like kindergarten hindi swar and vyanjan writing worksheets. I thank you for visiting this site and I hope you will find something useful for you child. I thank everyone who are supporting me in this new venture and hope that we will manage to bring joy back into the learning process for many families. 

~ Reema

Nov 2020

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