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Hindi Resources & Tips

As parents who are not native Hindi speakers but live in North India, we struggled to find useful resources for teaching Hindi through English. Here you will find insights, ideas, key grammar and pronunciation tips, and other resources for helping a preschooler develop their language skills. Some of these are from our experiences with our own children, some are content that we found on the net and found it worth sharing.

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Hindi Worksheets

Click below to check out our unique play-based Hindi Worksheets. They are the most effective play-based, conceptual Hindi learning worksheets for LKG/UKG/Grade-1 you will ever find, at the lowest price available in market. Our worksheets have English keys, glossaries and instructions to help parents who are not native Hindi speakers. 

Pronunciation Help: If you are a customer, you can access audio files of worksheets to help you with the letter sounds and pronunciation of words. Contact us to get access. 

Read the honest and authentic reviews of parents who have purchased our worksheets. We are happy to be the part of your child's educational journey. Our worksheets are created by us for our own children, so the love and diligence we have put into these worksheets cannot be found elsewhere. 

Meet parents who are using our worksheets on our Facebook Group. You can check out the topic #hindiworksheetreviews to see the experiences of other parents using our Hindi Worksheets. 

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