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Share Your Experience with Other Parents

Guest Bloggers Invited!

Write for us and get paid!

Are you a parent or teacher with practical, play-based educational ideas to share? We want to hear from you!

Who Are We Looking For?

We welcome articles from parents and teachers of children aged 0-8. We're particularly interested in your experiences in:

  1. Teaching art, logic, general awareness, coding, language concepts, and numeracy using fun, play-based methods.

  2. Educating neuroatypical children or children with learning/reading/writing/physical difficulties.

  3. Celebrating regional festivals at home using play-based techniques for holistic learning.

  4. Creating innovative arts and crafts projects.

  5. Designing DIY strategies, worksheets, and plays for education.

  6. Curating resources for children with disabilities.

  7. Teaching children in English, Hindi, or any regional language.

  8. Unique activities promoting reading habits in children, including innovative bookish activities. 

What’s in it For You?

By sharing your experiences, you help other parents and educators. Plus, you can get paid if we accept and publish your article.

Writing Guidelines
  • Keep articles between 1000 to 1600 words.

  • Be original and practical; the content must be exclusive to Playful Home Education.

  • Remuneration only for articles with no affiliate links or articles not promoting any product or company.

  • Include images or videos that you’ve personally clicked.

  • If the activity is inspired from the internet, include the link to the original resource.

  • You may include links to your own YouTube videos or website resources you've used.

  • Use MS Word or Google Docs for writing and submit via Google Drive, Dropbox, or email.

  • We will require your full name, the name to be published, phone number, email address, city, and child’s age/your role and experience as a teacher.

  • State any conflicts of interest.

  • Include a short bio and any personal website or blog links.

  • Cite any ideas and content that are not your own.


Post-Submission Process

If your article interests us, we'll get back to you within a week. However, our response doesn’t guarantee publication. We may request more information or revisions.


If the article is approved for publication, the publication fee for articles with backlinks and the terms and conditions will be discussed.


Parents and teachers will be offered remuneration for articles without backlinks. We value your effort and will offer a remuneration as per Indian rates if your article is accepted (minimum ₹800). The remuneration will be based on the article's quality, relevance, and novelty. 

Please note:

Any promotional content will be scrutinized before acceptance, and we reserve the right to reject such articles. Also, any copyright violation will be dealt with seriously. We adhere to our editorial guidelines and reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity, grammar and for adapting it to our site's style.

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