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What is Special About Our Products ?

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No more searching and compiling worksheets that are just a few pages of one topic. Our Hindi bundle is all you need to teach Hindi alphabet reading and writing to LKG level children. 

Our Hindi Level 1 Bundle is one of its kind!
Our experiences include the challenging task of teaching a child the Indian preschool curriculum while living abroad. While a large choice is available for worksheets in the English language, there is a serious dearth of good Hindi worksheets that are comprehensive, play-based, effective, easy to print, and inexpensive. We believe that children can be taught to develop strong concepts and foundations without resorting to stress and rote learning. We value family time and artistic activities as means of bonding and learning. And you will see the reflection of these experiences, these values and our teaching philosophy in the worksheets and the contents of this website. 

Instructions and glossaries in English!
In addition, the Hindi workbooks that are available, do not make special provision for parents who are not Hindi speakers, but need to help their children learn Hindi.  Our printables have instructions, glossaries and word meanings given in English. 

Personalized support!
We can offer you customized services like printing the name of your child on the worksheet. If you are a non-Hindi speaker, and would like to order special audio files to go along with the worksheets to help your child learn correct pronunciations, we can make that for you!  

Workbooks once done cannot be reused easily. Printable worksheets are the best for repeated practice, as and when needed. We understand the value of printer ink and paper. Our worksheets are not decorated with excessive colorful margins or borders. We also understand that many children find too much of bright page decorations and colorful elements distracting. Our worksheets are less ink consuming, clutter-free designs, formatted on A4 sheets with more content per page compared to typical worksheets and single use books that are available.

Made by Parents, for Parents!
Our worksheets are constructed with age-appropriate content, progressing in a systematic manner, based on our own experiences with our kids and based on childhood learning concepts. We made these for our own children, so we put in our love and devotion into these resources. 

We look forward to your patronage and support in our endeavor! 
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Real Customer Testimonials

Printable worksheets and study materials are essential tools for home education of kindergarten kids. There are many workbooks available for preschool education, but they often are very general without any age wise graded levels. Often a keen teacher or a home teaching parent is aware of a child's strengths and developing areas and benefits more from the use of topic wise worksheets and worksheets with skill sets presented in a certain order of increasing difficulty.  

At Playful Home Education, our aim is simple. To make fun and effective worksheets for our own kids, that are based on our own experience and insights as parents.  

Our struggles with trying to find good Hindi worksheets led to the birth of this website, so don't forget to check out our flagship Hindi printable worksheets for early Hindi learning. These are play-based unique worksheets that will provide you a one-stop solution for your child's Hindi learning. These worksheets are absolutely loved by parents and kids alike. Swipe the images to check out what parents have to say!