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 Customized Orders Page

We do not provide products for schools, tuitions and any other commercial use.

Our worksheets are meant for parents teaching their children at home. If you would like worksheets with pictures of your child or any special message or any custom-made special worksheets, contact us. We can make thematic worksheets for specific topic (up to 30 pages) as special orders. 


Our worksheets are designed for printing on A4 sheets, with more content on each page. The graphics are less ink-consuming and you can even order greyscale versions. So, you can save on both paper and ink when you print our products. We teach environmental conservation to our kids, and we practice what we preach! 

Playful Home Education

No-Stress Design

Having known neuro-atypical people and kids closely, we are aware that the cheerful, colorful and lively designs of some worksheets can be overwhelming, cluttered and distracting to many children, so much so as to prevent them from able to focus on the task. Our worksheets are designed keeping a balance between peppy and calming elements. 

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