Hindi Worksheets for UKG and Grade 1

Hindi worksheets to teach addition of vowels to consonants to make words. Phonetic based conceptual practice. Worksheets with fun activities to teach addition of matras, barahkhadi, basics of sanyukt akshar, words, sentences and more. Reading, writing all in play-based ideas. Poems, stories, games and a lot of fun! 
This set follows after Level 1 Hindi learning. After your child has mastered the Hindi Varnamala and sounds of all the letters, you can proceed to Level 2 Hindi worksheets. 

A complete one-stop resource to teach Hindi to your kindergarten child

16 Sets-in-1, 190+ Pages

Bundle Contains

Matra learning with barakhadi

Words with matras (2 to 4 letters)
Reading and writing practice


Sanyukt akshar primer


Customized with your child's name on every page 

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Level 2 Full Bundle

This 190+ paged comprehensive worksheet bundle builds on your child's knowledge of Hindi alphabet and letter sounds and introduces word making, addition of vowels to consonants (matras), barahkhadi (or barakhadi) practice, identifying, making, reading and writing complex words with matras, all in our special playful strategies. A short overview of conjunct (sanyukt) consonants is also given. Texts for reading, games, poems, stories are included. 190 + pages of this bundle with play based fun worksheet sets will establish your child's advanced knowledge of spoken and written Hindi.  

No Rote Learning
Play-based Conceptual Learning
A Variety of Fun Approaches
Hard Copy Available (details below) 

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Buy Both Level 1 + Level 2 ALL-IN-ONE BUNDLES!!!

Buy only Level 2 Hindi Worksheets Bundle

Digital Copy Price  550/-

Hard Copy Price  850/-

For soft copy, the PDF file will be delivered via Download Link. Hardcopy is available on payment of extra printing and shipping charges. Full coloured printouts (Around Rs. 1 per page). Delivered by Indian Postal Service. 

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