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Your Child's Hindi Learning Journey
Made Easier

All-in-One Hindi Preschool Learning Bundle

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Kindergarten Hindi Worksheets for Nursery, LKG, UKG & Grade 1

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600+ Pages in All:
Alphabet book, step-by-step worksheets (varnamala, barakhadi, matra, and sanyukt akshar), tracing-writing pages, online pronunciation guide audios, online video keys to Level-1 worksheets, audio books for listening practice, story books for reading practice, and more!

A Complete Preschool Hindi Learning System - delivered to your HOME!

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Only ₹1890

Shipping only within India

All payment methods accepted

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No more searching or piecing together Hindi worksheets – our all-in-one bundle makes Hindi learning easy and quick.

Guided, Fun-Filled Learning

English instructions, audio pronunciations, video solutions, and play-based approach. Hindi learning at home for everyone. Even if Hindi is not your first language. 

Personalized Learning, Delivered Affordably

Your child will love the worksheets with their names on them! We print them at an affordable price of at ₹1.10 per page and ship it FREE to your home.

In today's fast-paced world, us parents are often juggling numerous responsibilities. We understand the struggle. Add to that the impossible task of trying to find a step-by-step Hindi learning book or material for your child.

That's where our All-in-One Preschool Hindi Learning Bundle steps in. Let us take one worry off your plate - your child's Hindi language learning journey. You're just one step away from making your child's Hindi learning
fun and stress-free and laying the foundation for their lifelong language success!
We developed these worksheets initially for our own children. As parents ourselves, we understand the need for play-based educational materials that are effective and engaging. We've seen firsthand how these worksheets have helped our children grasp the nuances of Hindi, although our first language is not Hindi, and we're thrilled to share this resource with other families. 

We invite you to join parents who have used these worksheets to make Hindi learning an engaging, enjoyable journey rather than a daunting task.


With Playful Home Education

All-in-One Preschool Hindi Learning Bundle,


😔... Endless Searching and wasting time hunting for quality Hindi worksheets on the internet and for different alphabet books and handwriting books from shops.


😔 ... Incomplete Learning Materials so you have to piece together individual worksheets to create a comprehensive curriculum.

😔 ... Feeling confused and discouraged because teaching Hindi to your child seems like a HUGE CHALLENGE. 

😔 ... Illogical, haphazard worksheets that don't follow a step-by-step approach to teach language to a child. 


😔 ... Boring Stressful Rote Learning with traditional, unengaging worksheets that fail to capture your child's interest.


😔 ...No Guided Support for parents who are not native Hindi speakers, leaving you struggling with pronunciation or understanding Hindi concepts. 

😔 ...Poor Quality Expensive Colour Printouts that cost ₹ 10 per page


Instead, with Playful Home Education

All-in-One Preschool Hindi Learning Bundle,


😊... All-In-One Solution - everything your child needs for an engaging preschool Hindi learning journey - no need for any textbooks or sulekh (handwriting) practice books.

😊 ... Complete Curriculum that covers every aspect of preschool Hindi syllabus - from varnamala to matras to sanyukt akshar.

😊 ... Tried-and-True Teaching Methods -  scaffolding method and incrementally increasing level of Hindi language learning - carefully designed to help your child learn Hindi STEP-BY-STEP, just as they naturally learn a language.


😊 ... Fun Learning with our play-based worksheets that make conceptual Hindi learning an exciting adventure, laying a strong language foundation for your child.

😊 ... Guidance and Support - English instructions, audio pronunciations, video solutions, early learner e-storybooks, audio story books, and tips on varnamala phonetic concepts. Plus, you can always ask your doubts in the FB group or message us!

😊 ... High Quality Coloured Printouts at about ₹ 01.10 per page

"I don't think I will have to buy any other Hindi book or worksheets for my daughter anymore now. I am in love with these. Can't wait to start now."
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With Playful Home Education's All-in-One Preschool Hindi Learning Bundle, you don't just get a bunch of worksheets. We offer you a whole step-by-step learning system, filled with engaging and fun activities to teach Hindi, articles with tips and play-based suggestions, instructional support in the form of audio-visual aids, and personalized pages, all structured around your child's natural language learning journey.


This isn't just about worksheets, it's about making Hindi learning an enjoyable activity for your child!

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What is in the All-in-One Bundle?


  • Complete Hindi Syllabus for Preschool Years - Comprehensive All-in-One Bundle

  • 38 sets: Level 1 (21+ 1 Bonus Activities) + Level 2 (16 Activities) Worksheets - include varnamala, letter recognition, letter sounds, early level reading writing practice, making simple words, matras, barakhadi, sanyukt (conjunct) akshar, advanced reading practice. 


    1. Sanyukt Akshar (Advanced Worksheets) - 40 Pages

    2. Hindi Digital Story Books and Audio Story Books - for early readers available for download.

    3. Every Page customized with your Child's Name!

    4. Audio Pronunciation Support for Level 1 & Alphabet Tips available on website - special access

    5. Video Solutions for Level 1 worksheets on our website - special access

  • High Quality Coloured Printouts at a nominal cost (about ₹ 1.10 per page) - more than 660 pages in all. 

  • Play-based Conceptual Learning 

  • Instructions, Keys and Glossaries in English - specially designed for Parents who are not native Hindi speakers

  • Separate Textbook not required

  • Optional Add-On: Your child's picture on first page- at no extra cost!

  • Free Shipping

  • As a subscriber, you also get access to all our free worksheets. 

Preview of Hindi Level 1 Worksheet Bundle

Preview of Hindi Level 2 Worksheet Bundle

What are the 38 Activities included in the Level 1+2 bundle? LEVEL-1 Basic Varnamala Worksheet 1 - Alphabet Book Worksheet 2 - Hindi Alphabet and Numbers Flashcards Worksheet 3 - Pre-Writing Worksheet 4 - Tracing and Writing: Vowels Worksheet 5 - Tracing and Writing: Consonants Bonus - Letter Sequencing Activity Beginning Sounds Activities:  Worksheet 6 - Cut & Join Activity  Worksheet 7 - Matching Activity Worksheet 8 - Identify and Stamp Activity Worksheet 9 - Choose Correct Option Activity Worksheet 10 - Fill in the Missing Letter Activity Worksheet 11 - Read and Cover Game Worksheet 12 - Read, Paste and Colour Game  Mastery of Hindi Sounds Activities: Worksheet 13 - Confusing Letter Pairs and Triplets Activity Worksheet 14 - Matching Ending Sounds Activity Worksheet 15 - Choose Correct Beginning and Ending Sounds Activity  Worksheet 16 - Choose Words for Given Ending Sound Activity Worksheet 17 - Find and Colour Ending Letters Activity Worksheet 18 - Middle Sounds Activity Worksheet 19 - Read Small Words Worksheet 20 - Make Small Words Worksheet 21 - Thematic Vocabulary LEVEL2 Set 1& 2 - Advanced level of revision of basic level 1 concepts Set 3 - Sentence reading practice (without matras) Barakhadi concepts & guide for parents Set 4- Matra recognition practice Set 5- Matra reading writing practice Set 6- Barakhadi practice Set 7- Matra addition random letters practice Set 8 - Matra identification - Matching activity Set 9- Conceptual practice of forming words with matras Set 10- Word reading drills (flashcards) Set 11- Copy and write words Set 12 - Complete the words (writing activity) Set 13- Primer on conjunct letters (sanyukt akshar) Set 14- Short vowel/long vowel correct pronunciation Set 15- Reading Practice (stories, poems, etc) Set 16- 3 Games (word jumble, slide and make words, and crossword)


Customized with Your Child's Name

Customized Worksheets

You will be amazed to see how excited and enthused your child feels to see their name on each page of our beautifully designed worksheets!

Our All-in-One Bundle = Happy Child + Happy Parent
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And you also save thousands of rupees on printing 660 pages! This awesome bundle costs you less than ₹ 3 per day for:

  • Laying down a strong language-learning foundation for your child

  • Joyful learning for the next two years for your child

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

1. What age group is the All-in-One Preschool Hindi Learning Bundle suitable for?

The All-in-One Preschool Hindi Learning Bundle is suitable for children in the Lower Kindergarten (LKG), Upper Kindergarten (UKG), and Grade 1 age groups (children between the ages of 3 to 7 years). More than the age, what matters is the level the child is at. If the child is just starting to learn Hindi, start from the Level 1 worksheets and proceed at the pace of the child.

2. What if my child is not in the pre-kindergarten to kindergarten age group but I still want to use these worksheets?

Our All-in-One Preschool Hindi Learning Bundle is primarily designed for children in the pre-kindergarten to kindergarten age group (LKG, UKG, and Grade 1). However, if you think your child outside of this age group could benefit from these worksheets, you're welcome to use them. The worksheets cater to a range of skill levels, so children slightly older or younger might still find them useful and engaging. We have had quite a few NRI parents who purchased our worksheets to teach Hindi to their children aged up to 9 years old. 

3. I have more than one child. Can I use the same set of worksheets for all of them?

Yes, you can use the same set of worksheets for up to 2 children at home. However, please note that each set of worksheets is personalized with one child's name on every page, and is intended for single-family use only. You're not allowed to share, copy, or redistribute the worksheets beyond your immediate family due to copyright restrictions.

4. How are the worksheets delivered and how long does it take?

The worksheets are sent via Indian post, and usually reach the destination in 10-20 days after payment. You can see more shipping details here

5. Can I see some sample worksheets before purchasing?

You can see some of the preview images in the flipbooks. Scroll up to view or click here

6. What kind of support is available if I have trouble teaching a concept?

The bundle comes with audio pronunciation support and video solutions for Level 1, which are available on our website. Apart from these, you can also directly ask your query on our Facebook Group, or reach out to us. The Playful Home Education community parents are here to support you in your parenting journey. 

7. What is the refund policy?

We have a strict no-refund policy due to the digital nature of their products/printing costs and the customization involved. However, if you cancel your order within 24 hours of payment, and the product has not yet been printed, a refund is possible. 

8. Can I use these worksheets in a commercial setting like a play school or tuition center?

No, you may not use these worksheets in a commercial setting like a play school or tuition center. Our worksheets are meant for personal use and are designed for parents to use at home with their children. Any usage of our products in commercial settings without explicit written permission is a violation of our terms and conditions and may lead to legal action. If you are interested in using our worksheets in a commercial setting, please get in touch with us directly. We may be able to provide a customized solution for you, but this would involve a different pricing structure and explicit written permission for usage in your specific commercial setting. We take the protection of our intellectual property very seriously, and we appreciate your understanding and compliance with our policies.

9. How is the child's name included on each page?

The child's name is included on the top of each page of the worksheets, which are all customized, adding a personal touch to the learning material.

10. What does it mean by "audio pronunciation support" and "video solutions"?

These refer to supplemental resources that can be accessed on our website to help with teaching Hindi to your child. These include audio tips and videos that show the solutions to the worksheets of Level 1. 

11. What if I am not a native Hindi speaker? Can I still teach my child with these worksheets?

Absolutely! Our worksheets, originally designed mainly for parents who are not native speakers of Hindi, come with instructions, keys, and glossaries in English. We also provide audio pronunciation support and video solutions, making it easier for non-native speakers to teach their child Hindi. A vast majority of our customers speak mother tongues different than Hindi and yet found it easy to teach Hindi to their children using our worksheets, without using any extra textbook or tuition. 

12. How can I access the audio pronunciation support and video solutions?

These features are available on our website. After you purchase the bundle, you will receive special access to these resources on request via email or message. Since many Hindi speaking parents do not require the audio-video solutions, and the access requires creation of site membership, it is done after we receive a request. Just drop us a line after you receive the worksheets, and we will enable your membership. 

13. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. You can also pay via UPI, GPay, Paytm, and net banking.

14. What if I only want one level of the bundle, is it possible to buy them separately?

Yes, you can buy only one level of the bundle. However, most of the parents who purchase our Level-1 bundle, also purchase the Level-2 bundle a year later. You can save time and money by purchasing the All-in-One Super Saver Combo Bundle and ensure a comprehensive and progressive learning experience for your child.