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5-in-1 Varnamala Reading Writing Combo

Varnamala Reading Writing 5-in-1 combo. This 110-paged bundle is all you need for teaching the letters of the Hindi Varnamala and how to write them. Includes Varnamala Book with English Glossary, Hindi Letters and Numbers (1 to 10) Flashcards for practice and games in both colour and B&W, Hindi Prewriting Skills Sheets, Hindi Letters Writing Practing Sheets with tracing and writing spaces. The special advantages also include unlimited practice by reprinting selective sheets because writing requires repeated practice. 

7-in-1 Beginning Sounds of Hindi Letters Combo

This 7 worksheet sets in 1 bundle is a combo to help your child develop the conceptual knowledge of Hindi Phonetics. 7 different play based fun worksheet sets - total 93 pages - designed to strengthen your child's foundation of the sounds of Hindi. 
Hindi Script is a phonetic script, and a knowledge of the correct sounds of each letter is all that is needed to read Basic Hindi. This Combo includes matching, cut & join, read and cover game, missing letters fill ups, read and paste activity, choose and circle correct letters, and identify and stamp correct letters. 
7 different play based fun worksheet sets - total 93 pages - designed to strengthen your child's foundation of the sounds of Hindi. 

9-in-1 Mastery of Sounds of Hindi Alphabet Combo

This 9 worksheet sets in 1 bundle is a combo to further expand your child's conceptual knowledge of Hindi phonetics and skills of making and reading easy words.
109 pages of this combo offer 9 different play based fun worksheet sets to strengthen your child's foundation of spoken and written Hindi. 
This 9 sets in 1 Combo includes differentiation of confusing letters to foster a strong foundation, revision of beginning sounds followed by middle sounds and ending sounds activities, constructing, reading and writing words (2 letters, 3 letters, 4 letters, without matras), and a 20 paged vocabulary set on fruits, colours, shapes, vegetables, animals, birds, weather, nature, etc.  

21-in-1 LEVEL 1 BUNDLE

21 Sets-in-1 Bundle 

Complete Level 1 Bundle of 300+ Pages


No Rote Learning

Play-based Conceptual Learning

Audio Help Available on Request

A Variety of Approaches

No Need to Erase for Repeat Practice, Just Reprint


Level 2 Hindi Worksheets - Matras, Words, Sentences and More

This 16 worksheet sets in 1 bundle builds on your child's knowledge of Hindi alphabet and letter sounds and introduces word making, addition of vowels to consonants (matras), identifying, making, reading and writing complex words with matras, all in our special playful strategies. A short overview of conjunct (sanyukt) consonants is also given. Texts for reading, games, poems, stories are included. 190 + pages of this bundle with play based fun worksheet sets will establish your child's advanced knowledge of spoken and written Hindi.  

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