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How to Teach Kids about Space: 10 Key Concepts for Young Explorers [Space Themed Activities Series]

Welcome to our Space Themed Activities Series, where we delve into the fascinating world of space education for kids. By introducing these foundational ideas, we aim to provide parents, educators, and caregivers with a simple guide to engaging and educational space-themed activities that will leave a lasting impression on young minds.

When it comes to space, you may feel perplexed with the overload of complex information available. You may wonder what is appropriate for a preschool child to know. In this article, we will explore "How to Teach Kids about Space" by focusing on 10 key concepts that will ignite their curiosity and inspire their inner young explorers. Remember this is not a complete list, if your child is a space enthusiast, you can tell them about more ideas like "sunspots" and "supernovas". But on a basic level, described below are the 10 concepts that over the preschool and early primary years, you can aim to explain to your child.

👉 Remember, colourful books and engaging play or activity ideas are best to teach children, instead of hard facts told without context.

10 Things to Teach Kids about Space

1. Space is vast and infinite:

Space is incredibly big, and it goes on forever. It's much, much bigger than anything on Earth! Imagine all the places you know on Earth, like your house, your school, and your favorite park. Well, space is even bigger than that! It's so big that it's impossible to explore it all. Scientists believe that there are billions and billions of stars, planets, and galaxies out there waiting to be discovered.

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