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Thematic Activity Weeks at Playful Home Education

26 June 2023

We hold thematic activity weeks in our Facebook Group. In a thematic activity week, participants come together to do fun-filled learning activities with our children, focused on a certain theme (like seasons, national festivals, nature, oceans, etc.), and share our journey with the group.

What We Offer:

  • Activity Challenges: Fun and educational activities for each theme.

  • Prizes and Certificates: Exciting rewards for participation and achievement.

  • E-booklets: Informative and engaging e-booklets related to each theme.

  • Quizzes: Interactive quizzes to create interest in the child and test and reinforce knowledge.

  • Worksheets: Printable fun worksheets to develop knowledge, skills and creativity.

Not only do the children enjoy the play-based learning activities, even the parents love the opportunity for the shared fun and celebration of learning. It is very heart-warming for us parents to see all the creative things children come up with.

Here are some FAQs about the Thematic Activities.

Where will you host the activity?

The activity weeks and fortnights are conducted on our Facebook Group. Join us on our Facebook Group to participate. We may also create a temporary support group on WhatsApp when the activity is running.

Will the posts be open to all members?

What sort of activities will be there?

What is the benefit of participating in a Thematic Activity Week?

What do I have to do in the Activity Week?

How can I see the posts during the activity weeks?

What is the meaning of "submission"?

Will there be a last submission date?

If I missed the activity week, can I still do the activities?

How much time will I need to give for this every day?

How many activities will be there?

Do we need to do all the activities?

Can I suggest a theme or activity for future activity weeks?

Will there be any certificates or prizes?

How can I stay informed about upcoming activity weeks?

If you have any more question, you are welcome to contact us. We look forward to you joining us in the world of exploration, creativity, and learning together! Let us witness together the magic that unfolds as we engage and grow with our children.


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