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Christmas Board Books for Infants & Toddlers

As the festive season approaches, there's nothing quite like the joy of sharing enchanting stories with the little ones in our lives. For Christmas tales for our tiniest readers, board books take center stage.

At this age, the child enjoys listening to the parents reading the story. They love to look at the illustrations in fascination, and if you pay attention, you will notice and remember the first day they manage to turn a page on their own.

Here are the best Christmas board books tailor-made for the youngest minds – toddlers and infants who are just beginning to explore the wonders of storytelling.

Christmas Board Books for Very Small Kids (Toddlers and Infants)

Get cozy and enjoy this special Christmas tale about a little girl who imagines meeting Santa on Christmas Eve. The girl and her teddy venture into their snowy garden in the moonlight, searching for Santa. On their journey, they encounter playful fox cubs, Mrs. Owl, and Mr. Cool Cat, wishing them all a goodnight. As the story unfolds, the little girl discovers that Santa arrives only when you're asleep and snug in bed. Can she figure out a way to still say goodnight to him?

Snuggle up with the perfect stocking-stuffer edition of the classic Christmas tale by Tomie dePaola, the creator of Strega Nona and Quiet. Through warm colors and cozy art, dePaola breathes life into the beloved holiday poem, depicting a pretty home adorned with detailed decorations and family portraits. As the family sleeps beneath geometric quilts, the clatter of hooves on the roof signals the arrival of rosy-cheeked St. Nicholas. With artistic borders, dePaola's cheerful illustrations feature stockings filled with dolls, blocks, toy animals, and candy canes.

A Christmas classic - perfect for read-aloud.

A really long time ago, on a night full of stars, a very special baby was born. Join the animals, shepherds, and three wise men as they come to greet him. This lovely story of the Nativity, beautifully illustrated by Ag Jatkowska, is just for little kids. A simple and delightful nativity tale for very young children.

This combines the festive spirit with the beloved caterpillar! In this lovely board book, Eric Carle combines first concepts with Christmas theme. So you can teach your little ones Christmas counting, Christmas words, Christmas shapes and Christmas colours! A great collection of fun books to weave in learning with joy.

This collection of nine board books is a delightful assortment of board books in a sturdy box, and is a great gift idea for babies and young toddlers to play with. Each page contains a festive first word with colourful illustrations. The books have themes of Tree, Santa, Presents, Toys, Decorations, Animals, Food, Clothes and Nativity.

Get ready for a whirlwind of festive excitement! This is an interactive delight for toddlers, with pushing, pulling, spinning activities like tree decoration, sliding on sledges, etc. With sturdy pages and engaging activities for the little fingers and minds of toddlers, this board book is an amazing activity book.

Meet the grumpiest reindeer at the North Pole, learn about friendship, and discover the joy of kindness. As his frown turns upside down, we get to witness the magic of Christmas and the power of choosing to be kind. This sweet book is perfect for a cozy family read. Just as we need kindness from others, we should be willing to be kind to others too. In order to get a friend, we have to be a friend first. This heartwarming tale is sure to warm hearts and inspire smiles all season long!

Christmas Eve is super exciting for Peter Rabbit and his sisters. They're so thrilled that they can't even sleep! But, here's the catch – Father Christmas only shows up when everyone is fast asleep. This year, Peter has a big wish for a really special gift. Can he manage to fall asleep on time? It's a wonderful Christmas story made just for kids. The story is full of joy and is told by the adorable characters created by Beatrix Potter. The pictures in the book are super cute, warm, and funny.

For Dr. Seuss' fans!

Discover the Grinch's Christmas tale narrated by his loyal pup, Max! In easy rhymed verse, this durable Board book is a great way to introduce the story to toddlers and preschoolers. The perfect gift for the little ones, ensuring a Merry Grinchmas for the whole family!

Say hello to five charming polar bears in this special edition of "That's not my polar bear…," featuring shiny silver edges! Babies adore the beloved "That's not my…" books, filled with vibrant illustrations, touchable patches, and a hidden mouse on each page. Designed to enhance sensory and language awareness, it's a delightful sensory adventure for little ones!

This books stays popular even after 4 decades!  In this timeless tale by Raymond Briggs, a young boy's snowman magically comes to life, leading them on a whimsical journey of joy and friendship. With enchanting illustrations, this wordless story captures the innocence and wonder of childhood. A heartfelt story, perfect for little ones.

We hope you will enjoy these wonderful, sweet books with your little one. Sharing stories with little ones is a magical gift. Reading to small children not only sparks their imagination but also strengthens the bond between you and your child. Board books, with their sturdy pages and engaging tales, are perfect companions for tiny hands and curious minds. Reading to your child is about creating cherished moments and laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Happy reading and playing with board books! Merry Christmas!


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