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Christmas Crafts Galore

Here are some really simple, inexpensive and beautiful Christmas crafts for the holiday season!

🎄🎅⛄ Christmas Wreaths🎄🎅⛄

A super simple and easy to make Christmas theme craft!! All you need is a cardboard ring, green yarn, red decorations and red thread. Ask the child to wrap the yarn around the ring tightly. Stick the end of the yarn and then decorate it. DONE!! Wreath is ready!!

🎄🎄 Paper Christmas Trees 🎄🎄

SWIPE ➡️➡️ to see the video tutorial!

⛄❄🌨 Paper Snowflakes⛄❄🌨

video tutorial

🎄🎅⛄Handprint Snowmen🎄🎅⛄

We used black craft paper, acrylic paint (white and other colors of her choice), brushes, pompom and clothes peg.

🎅🎄⛄ Craft sticks Christmas tree 🎅🎄⛄

Things required - Craft sticks plain or green and brown colored ones, green yarn, pompoms, yellow craft paper, glue.

🎄 If you have plain craft sticks colour them using paint and brush. We didn't have a brown one for tree trunk so Shanaya painted one.

🎄 Stick 3 green colored sticks in a triangle and let it dry and be firm.

🎄Glue one end of the yarn and ask the child to weave the yarn around tightly. Glue the other end. Glue the pompoms and star cut from paper. Ta da!! Christmas tree is ready!! You can hang it as an ornament too!!

🎅🎄⛄Hand and Foot Print Reindeer🎅🎄⛄

A super simple Reindeer art made from hand and foot prints of brown paint, two google eyes and a red pompom!! The Reindeer headband is a printable from @simpleeverydaymom.

🎅🎄⛄A paper plate Santa Claus craft 🎅🎄⛄

I hope you and your child have a lot of fun doing these! Merry Christmas!

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