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Hindi Preschool Worksheets for Learning Beginning Sounds of Letters

7-in-1 Hindi Beginning Sounds Worksheets Combo for PreK/K Levels

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This Hindi 7-in-1 worksheets combo will help your child develop the conceptual knowledge of Hindi Phonetics. The recognition of the sounds of letters is the first step to developing reading Hindi. Suitable for LKG. 7 different play based fun Hindi worksheet sets - 90+ pages - are designed to strengthen your child's foundation of the sounds of Hindi. Keys, glossaries and instructions are given in English. 


Hindi Script is a phonetic script, and a knowledge of the correct sounds of each letter is all that is needed to read basic Hindi.The 7-in-1 Beginning Sounds Combo includes:

  • matching,

  • cut & join,

  • read and cover game,

  • missing letters fill ups,

  • read and paste activity,

  • choose and circle correct letters, and

  • identify and stamp correct letters. 

Preview of 7-in-1 Hindi Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Audio Video Support

Playful Home Education Worksheets

Audio-video solutions to the worksheets are available on our website for customers. If you would like to hear the pronunciations and view the solutions to the worksheets, you will given special access to the audio-video solutions. 

Flipbook of 5-in-1 Hindi Varnamala Worksheets

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