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Play is how a child learns

The adorable preschool years are precious! Playing with one's children is one of the most beautiful, bonding and memorable things in the life of parent, which is often overshadowed by the stress of preschool education. Teaching preschool kids need not be stressful! Both play and learning new things are natural to children and it is through play we can teach children efficiently and enjoyably.  


Playful Home Education, through its website and social media channels, offers you teaching ideas, activity guides, play strategies for using sensory experiences, movement, open-ended exploration, imagination and problem solving for the development of oral language, creativity, writing and artistic abilities. 

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Regardless of our religious faith and personal beliefs, all the religions and mythologies of the world are important components of the history and the culture of the world. Whether you want your child to follow your family traditions or you want them to be a nuanced and balanced global citizen, it is desirable to educate them about the festivals, lores and mythology.


While celebrating festivals are fun (and hard work), they are also excellent opportunities to incorporate art, language, numeracy and various kinds of skills, into the whole learning experience. You will find here some practical ideas for art, crafts and learning activities to do with your child that will also increase their cultural knowledge, skills and creativity. All these activities are based on art-integrated approaches.