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Wooden Pattern Blocks for Shape Plays

Shapes and patterns allow easy integration of art, mathematics and spatial skills. They help to build kids’ design, problem solving and planning skills. These are great aids to foster creativity and curiosity in your preschooler child.

Here are some fantastic ideas using wooden pattern blocks for creative play incorporating different learning games. These versatile and colorful shape play activities not only spark imagination, but also help to develop essential skills such as problem-solving, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. We've carefully curated a list of 15 engaging activities for your little ones that are both fun and educational.

Some creative ideas to

1. Shape puzzles:

Create puzzles with various shapes and encourage children to fit the wooden pattern blocks into the correct spaces, fostering spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.

2. Tangrams:

Introduce children to tangrams, which are geometric puzzles consisting of seven pieces (five triangles, a square, and a parallelogram) that can be arranged to form various shapes and figures.

3. Shape matching:

Create a set of cards featuring different shapes and combinations of wooden pattern blocks. Ask the children to replicate the patterns on the cards using their blocks.

4. Symmetry exploration:

Encourage children to create symmetrical designs using the wooden pattern blocks, helping them understand the concept of symmetry and balance.

5. Mosaics:

Have children create mosaics using the wooden pattern blocks, arranging the blocks to form colorful and imaginative designs.

6. Shape sorting:

Provide a container with different compartments for each shape, and ask the children to sort the wooden pattern blocks accordingly, enhancing their sorting and categorization skills.

7. Storytelling:

Use the wooden pattern blocks to create scenes and characters, encouraging children to tell stories and use their imaginations.

8. Shape tracing:

Place the wooden pattern blocks on a sheet of paper and have children trace around the blocks with a crayon or marker, improving their fine motor skills and shape recognition.

9. Shadow play:

Shine a light behind the wooden pattern blocks to cast shadows on a wall or screen, challenging children to identify the shapes based on their shadows.

10. Fraction practice:

Teach children about fractions by using the blocks to represent different fractions of a whole, such as a square or rectangle.

11. Block towers:

Encourage children to build towers or structures using the wooden pattern blocks, developing their engineering and spatial reasoning skills.

12. Memory game:

Place a few wooden pattern blocks on a tray, cover them with a cloth, and then remove one block. Have the children guess which shape is missing, enhancing their memory and observation skills.

13. Shape scavenger hunt:

Hide wooden pattern blocks around the room, and ask children to find and collect them, identifying the shapes as they go.

14. Math manipulatives:

Use the wooden pattern blocks to teach basic math concepts like counting, addition, and subtraction, using the shapes as visual aids.

15. Cooperative play:

Encourage children to work together in groups to create designs or solve puzzles using the wooden pattern blocks, fostering teamwork and collaboration skills.

Here are a few pictures from my recent activity with my 6 years old child. I printed few snowflakes pattern block challenge cards (from Pinterest), and set up an invitation for her to replicate the designs.

You can use these shapes to make Tangram shapes too. A tangram is a mathematical puzzle consisting of seven flat polygons, called tans, which can be put together to form shapes of animals, birds, people, things, etc. The objective is to replicate a pattern (given only an outline or a silhouette) using all seven pieces without overlap. Usually, the puzzle pieces can be made by cutting a square into five triangles, a square, and a parallelogram, which are capable of being recombined in many different configurations. Check out for online tangram fun.

If you want some free Tangram Designs, check out our Christmas printables pack with special Christmas Tangrams!

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By incorporating these activities into your child's playtime, you'll be able to witness the joy and satisfaction that come from exploring new concepts, while also building a solid foundation for their future learning. From creating mesmerizing mosaics to embarking on exciting shape scavenger hunts, the possibilities are endless! Don't be surprised if you find yourself joining in on the fun, as these activities can be delightful for the entire family. The best part is, most of these ideas can be easily adapted to suit your child's interests and developmental stage.

Happy playing!


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