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Easy Bugs for a Bugs Week

Here is a roundup of 5 simple and fun craft ideas to make cute bugs of all kinds! These are perfect to pair with a Bugs Week, where you can do learning activities on bugs, their names, lifecycles (kids are pretty astonished to know that caterpillars turn into butterflies), what they eat, what they give us (e.g., honey from honey bees) and stories related to bees and ants.

1. Caterpillar

We found this simple but cute caterpillar craft at

Easy Caterpillar Craft for Kids (

2. Ants

This does not even need a template! This can be found at

Easy Paper Ant Craft | Our Kid Things

3. Bees

This simple paper plate Bee craft is easy to do for preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills.

This can be found at

Paper Plate Bee Craft For Kids (

4. Butterfly

This simple origami butterfly is perfect as an easy introduction to paper folding. Smaller kids will need your help in doing this, but it is easy enough for them to do a few folds in this craft.

You can see this at

Easy Paper Butterfly Origami - Cute & Easy Butterfly DIY - Origami for Beginners

5. Dragonfly

And this is the simplest craft stick dragonfly ever.

All you need are construction paper, glitter glue, glue, small googly eyes, acrylic paint, and scissors.

It can be found at

Craft Stick Dragonflies | Our Kid Things

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