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Best Tablet Books for Kids (Early or Level 1 Readers)

Travel is the one occasion when screen time can be useful for keeping a small child engaged and happy. If you are a frequent flier, or undertake frequent short stays away from home with your child, then you will be spending a substantial amount of time away from the child's book collection. You might carry some of their favorite board books in the carry on luggage, but may not want to make your hand baggage heavy with books except for a couple of activity books. A child who is fond of reading may want to read books instead of doing the same kind of activity books again and again.

Here are some Kindle books I used to entertain my child for short flights, using a 10 inch tablet. They will render well on an 8 inch one as well. During long flights also, these can be used for 15 minutes of reading, a couple of times, to add variety. I also found it useful to have 10 books on the tablet from which my child could choose one (giving her some feeling of control in a situation when kids feel very restricted and powerless) instead of carrying 2 physical books. All these books are ok to either read aloud by parents or to be self-read by early readers. The books are for Age group 2 if you are reading to the child, and if you are letting the child watch the screen then it would be good for the child to be at least 3-4 years old.

Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 1 Kindle Edition

These series are really the best! Inexpensive tablet books, of level 1 reading, that kids will love. They are small stories, so the screen time is really just a few minutes. The stories are amusing and engaging with colorful and cute illustrations. If you want to try kindle books for kids, this is something you could try out for a start.

This story is based on the classic fairy tale. Little Red Hen asks for help with planting and harvesting the wheat, grinding the flour and making the bread. The cat, the rat and the dog refuse to help Little Red Hen, but are eager to eat the bread!

Click on the images to view on Amazon India.

Other delightful books in these series are below: (Click on the images to view on Amazon India)

If your child is a fan of Ben and Holly's cartoon series, then you would want these Kindle books in your quiver! (Click on the images to view on Amazon India)

If your child is a Peppa Pig Cartoon fan, then of course, having a few of these on your tablet can be extremely useful to calm down a restless child, to engage a reader child or to just have fun reading it instead of watching the cartoon video in the flight. (Click on the images to view on Amazon India)

(The Terry Treetop Series Book 1) Kindle Edition

(Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Terry Treetop, the little boy goes camping and helps a lost egg get back home. In this adventure, he meets different animal moms and learns about their eggs, their life cycle and their habitat. Terry helps the lost egg and its mom, while making beautiful friendships along the way. You can read it to your child, and early readers can also read it themselves.

Click on the image to view on Amazon India.

The much-loved story of Alice in Wonderland for small kids in Kindle Edition. Alice goes down a rabbit hole and meets all sorts of crazy characters. Funny pictures, rhythms and rhymes to delight small kids.

Click on the image to view on Amazon India.

Other books from Ladybird publishers in this category which are also really good for the same purpose are:

(Click on the images to view on Amazon India)

Kindle Edition by Dreamland Publications

(Free with Kindle Unlimited)

This is just a short collection of classic nursery rhymes, that is good to have in your collection of your child likes rhymes and singing.

Kindle Edition by PEGASUS

Masha is a sweet little girl, who loses her way in the forest. She has to trick the bear who caught her in order to find her way back. Delightful pictures, simple language, and an interesting story.

Hope these books will be useful to you during travel. I found that instead of letting my child watch cartoon videos or play video games, it was far more constructive and creative when we did things together. I managed to make the best use of our frequent travels and kept my child engaged by doing activity books, reading Kindle books and playing word or number games together.


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