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Benefits of Reading Aloud to Kids

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” — Emilie Buchwald

And which parent wouldn’t want their child to become a reader?

I introduced books to Shanaya since she was 4 months old and today she has a huge collection ranging from all types of board books, paperbacks and hardcovers. So in this journey of raising a reader, I have come across many illustrators, but some are so good that buying their books never misses the mark with Shanaya. Though each baby is different, I think all babies love picture books and good realistic bold illustrations always win them over. It is not necessary that the parent should read the text…you can just describe the pictures and tell the story being depicted. It is best to start reading aloud in the child’s mother language and then move on to simultaneous reading in mother tongue and English after they are 18 months old or more. to your kids. Read everyday, even if it is just for 15 minutes. Reading time must be included in the daily routine so that the child is aware and even looks forward to it! “Ooohh bedtime means story time!!” or “Milk time means story time!!”

The benefits of reading aloud to kids

The top benefits of reading aloud to kids are:

  • Reading develops language skills, speaking skills and vocabulary.

  • Reading strengthens the bonding between the caregiver and the child.

  • Reading enhances a child’s concentration and listening skills.

  • Reading helps build imagination and creativity.

  • Reading with expressions builds emotional awareness.

  • Reading aloud encourages children to become lifelong readers. And you know once you become that you are never alone because books are always there for you!!

Which books to choose?

The best books to start interacting for infants are black and white contrast books and touch and feel books. Then you can move on to one or two words per page books, board books with baby faces (they love looking at other babies!!), mirrors surprises, pop up books (careful they may tear the pop up), lift the flap, touch and feel books, sound books, books with big illustrations and text, books with rhyming text which parent reads with voice modulations with actions.

After one year age, you can start reading first words books, object and names type of books, picture books where you can narrate the story and also read the story later on as the child’s vocabulary and comprehension gets stronger. Once you start reading you will understand your child’s interest and taste and you can more buy or borrow books in that category.

Happy Reading!

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