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Stress Resilience Workshops for Students

Every Child Will Struggle With Anxiety At Some Point

Dar, ghabrahat, tension... these are words with which students describes their feelings when it comes to examinations. For teenagers, it does not even have to be examinations. They have a lot on their minds, and anxiety is sometimes constant for some of them.

Examination stress greatly affects a child's health and learning. Sometimes stress manifests as physical symptoms, and is missed. The highly stressed child may complain of nausea, stomach ache, headache, unease, or may have repeated viral infections. They may have insomnia or oversleep. Stress can lead to eating related problems, and malnutrition or obesity. Especially teenagers face a significant amount of stress arising from academic and social factors.

Every student has anxiety. Sometimes it's not enough to have supportive parents for anxiety management. Make sure your child learns mind-body selfcare apart from their school subjects. Give your child the tools they need to make themselves mentally stronger. Simple anxiety management techniques and resilience building habits are life skills.

The UNCRASH Course

Our friend, Dr. Sudha, an Expressive Arts Facilitator, holds special stress management workshop for students (16 - 22 years). In this FREE online interactive workshop, your child will learn how to recognize stress and deal with it to improve their learning, memory and exam performance.

If your child is not familiar with anxiety management techniques, this workshop is for them. In this 90 minutes workshop, students will learn easy techniques that can be done at home to improve mental strength and reduce anxiety.

Free Online Stress Management Workshop for Students

Sessions are held with very small groups to ensure better learning experience. Slots allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Language: English

Duration: 1 Hr 30 min (single session for one student, one parent can also attend if they wish to)

Usually held in weekends

Age : 16 to 22 years

Read more about it here and reserve your spot in the next available group. Fill in the booking form and you will be registered into the next available slot and informed accordingly. Link:


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