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The Best Way to Learn Months & Days

What is the best way to teach all the names of the months to your child? There are 12 months in a year, with names that are difficult to pronounce, memorize and spell. Similarly, the days of the week are not any easier either for little kids.

Children Learn BEST through Play and Arts.

I knew the tune of this song and whenever I would talk about the "months of the year", I would break into this song, and after a few times, my child too learnt the song and joined in! And in the process, within a few days, she knew all the months of the year. Give it a try! Just watch and sing along this YouTube video of an old song by Boney M, so you too learn this catchy tune and then your work will be so much easier.


Tune for Months of the Year


And who could think that the days of the week could also be sung? I used this tune to talk about week days, and we would also improvise and have silly fun. So the weeks of the days were also learnt super fast.

Tune for Days of the Week



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