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Shaving Cream Activities for Kids

I have written about using water beads for sensory play. This post is about shaving foam based sensory fun activities. Sensory play can be done using play dough, water beads, colored rice, sand, shaving cream etc. Here are some videos with shaving foam activities.

I did two activities with my child using shaving cream. Shaving cream is great for sensory exploration and provides opportunities for children to play and discover.

Shaving Cream Sensory Activity Tray

I set up a shaving cream activity tray using shaving cream and food coloring. Just spray the shaving cream in tray, smoothen it out and put few drops of food coloring. Then I asked my daughter to mix and explore using a popsicle stick but after sometime she wanted to put her hands in…. Absolute messy funtime!! An instant hit for kids!!

Rain Cloud Experiment

We learned what are clouds and how rain falls from cloud using a very simplistic model. Things required – Shaving cream, glass of water, food coloring and dropper.

I filled the glass with water till about three quarters. Then I used the shaving foam to create a cloud on top of the water. After the foam settled a bit, I put few drops of blue food colouring into the ‘cloud’. As the cloud fills up, the food colouring will fall down into the water creating a rain-like effect. A fun STEM activity!! We tried again with different colors.

Note – Don’t put too much else the food coloring will take time to come down and you will have to saturate the cloud with water using dropper. But that is also another way of doing the activity.

Shaving Cream Marbling Art

Thing required - Shaving cream not gel

Shallow container

Liquid Watercolor Paint or Poster colors or Acrylic Colors

Plastic droppers

Something with straight edge to use as a scraper

Watercolor paper or cardstock, cut into halves or quarters

SWIPE the pictures for the steps You can find the original post that I followed here.

Depending on your capacity for cleaning up messes, shaving foam is an excellent prop for sensory and art activities. Do try it out and post pictures on our Facebook Group!


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