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Save Our Planet

We had "Save Our Planet" activity in January 2022 at Playful Home Education. Our members have made some beautiful artwork for the theme #SaveOurPlanet and we are so proud to share them here!

Environmental Preservation is one of our favourite themes, and anyone reading this post is welcome to send in their child's artwork on this theme by email to "" along with the name and age of the child. You can also post them in our Facebook Group with the hashtag #saveourplanet. We will publish your submissions on our website!

Every simple activity you do, every tiny step you take and every another person you reach out to spread awareness about Saving Planet Earth, counts. This is the only home we have, let us protect it!

Artwork by Naitik Sumit Chaware, 4 years old

Artwork by Mrudhula, 5 years old. Mrudhula drew this to depict how some people throw garbage on the ground despite dustbins being there. In contrast, on the other side, a girl throws inside the dustbin and her side is clean.

Artwork by Sai Aarna. Save our planet by planting more trees and doing more farming.

Artwork by G. Karthik, 8 years.

Artwork by G. Veda Ruthvik , 4 years

Artwork by Keshav Lodha

Artwork by Dheer Grover


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