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Halloween Books and Activities

October 2021

🎃🧙‍♀️👻💀 Some HALLOWEEN THEME activities that we are doing this week!!

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Books for Halloween

Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou!
by Julia Donaldson (Author), Karen George (Illustrator)

A gentle and playful bedtime story from Julia Donaldson, beautifully illustrated by Karen George. A little ghost tries to give Lydia Lou a scare, but is unable to wake her up. So he fetches his noisy animal friends to help! The book is full of animal sounds, which are a great fun for children. Suitable for 3 to 5 years.

Little Monsters
by David Walliams (Author), Adam Stower (Illustrator)

When you are a monster, it is a serious problem if you are not scary! Howler is a SMALL werewolf with such a BIG problem. So at Monster School, he is the odd one out. But then he makes new friends, and discovers that after all, being different may be fun. A funny picture book that all kids will enjoy. Suitable for 3-6 years.

There's a Witch in Your Book
by Tom Fletcher (Author), Greg Abbott (Illustrator)

Funny story, a messy witch, spells to cast, lovely illustrations and interactive fun! You and your child will love the Tom Fletcher books for sure. Suitable for 3-6 years.

There's a Monster in Your Book
by Tom Fletcher (Author), Greg Abbott (Illustrator)

This is a fun book for bedtime, with cute pictures, a monster on the loose, and it is up to the reader (or listener) to follow the interactive instructions to help free the pesky monster. The adventure ends with a wind-down and we can all go to sleep with a smile on our faces.

You can buy the board book also, to avoid damage to the book. Suitable for 3-6 years.

How to Make Friends With a Ghost
by Rebecca Green

This is a cute and whimsical read telling you what to do when you meet a ghost! A delightful book with beautiful illustrations, that will inspire a lot of talking points about love and friendship. As a review describes, it, "If you follow the essential tips in How to Make Friends With a Ghost, you'll learn how a ghost can be the perfect companion for rest of your life and beyond."

Room on the Broom
by Julia Donaldson

This is a hilarious tale of quick wits and friendship, from the famous Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler, of The Gruffalo fame. A witch and her cat are happily flying about on her broomstick over beautiful landscapes, until a stormy wind blows away the witch's hat, bow and wand, one by one. Each time, there is someone to retrieve it. They are a dog, a bird and a frog, who are all keen for a ride on the broom. It would be a fun ride for the whole gang, but the broomstick breaks in two! They all fall to the ground, and a terrible, hungry, greedy dragon is happy to find a witch for its snack! How do her animal friends save her? Suitable for 2 - 6 years.



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