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Empower Your Child's Hindi Learning Journey With Our All-in-One Bundle

Kindergarten Hindi Worksheets for
LKG, UKG & Grade 1
Complete Hindi Syllabus

Complete bundle set of worksheets for preschool, kindergarten Hindi learning

  • 545 Pages (without heading pages) - Comprehensive Bundle

  • Instructions, keys and glossaries in English

  • Separate Textbook Not Required

  • Coloured printouts - more than 660 pages for only ₹730

  • Free shipping

  • Audio pronunciation support For Level 1 on website - special access

  • Video solutions for Level 1 on our website - special access

  • Every page customized with your child's name

  • Play-based conceptual learning

Contains Level 1 Hindi Worksheets for LKG and Level 2 Hindi Worksheets for UKG, with complimentary Sanyukt Akshar Set.

Printable Hindi worksheets sets include: Alphabet book, Letters Flashcards, Hindi Prewriting, Tracing, and Writing Letters, Conceptual practice for beginning sounds, middle sounds, ending sounds, Join letters for making words, addition of matras, barahkhadi, reading sentences, poems, stories, work and letter games, sanyukt akshar and loads of fun filled learning activities. 

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1. Details of Hindi Level 1 Worksheet Bundle

2. Details of Hindi Level 2 Worksheet Bundle

Customized with Your Child's Name

Custom Child name on Hindi worksheets

You will be amazed to see how excited and enthused your child feels to see their name on each page of our beautifully designed worksheets! Try our play-based fun worksheets, designed with scaffolding method and incrementally increasing level of Hindi language learning, and see the transformation of boring, rote study activities into Motivated, Conceptual Learning

This economical bundle offers a complete solution for Hindi learning from LKG to UKG/Grade 1. 

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