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Share Your Experience with Other Parents

Welcome to Playful Home Education. Our aim is to provide play based educational resources for parents teaching their children at home. 

We welcome guest posts by parents and teachers of preschool to early primary grade children (3 to 8 years age). There are many approaches to teach children using play-based techniques. Would you like to share some ideas and approaches that you have used with children that can benefit other parents? 

You are welcome to share your tips and tricks and your own experiences related to helping preschool children learn. Do you have ideas on things that can be done in a home setting, in an inexpensive way. What are your unique experiences with teaching art, logic, general awareness, coding, concepts of language (English, Hindi and regional languages) and numeracy?


Do you have any experiences related to raising neuroatypical children, or children with learning/writing/reading/physical difficulties - these can benefit so many parents!  


Do you want to share how you celebrate some festival in your home with your child? If you want to write a detailed post on festival related activities, especially regional festivals that are more specific to a region, please see our posts in this category to know the layout that we generally prefer. 

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): 

  • How you have used play-based techniques to educate a child with cognitive/physical/learning difficulties

  • How you have celebrated a festival using play-based techniques to provide holistic learning

  • How you have used play-based or art-integrated strategies to teach literacy, STEM or general awareness skills to a child.   

  • Arts and crafts that you have done with a child. 

  • DIY strategies, worksheets and plays that you have used to educate a child. 

  • Curated lists of good resources for kids for learning and for kids with hearing. speech, visual, learning and other disabilities. 

Remuneration: Renumeration will be decided by Playful Home Education if the article is accepted for publishing on the site, according to the content (quality, relevance, novelty, etc.). The article will be published only if the contributing writer and Playful Home Education agree upon a final contract. 

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